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and it's one more night in hollywood [11 Jan 2007|10:57pm]

I can't remember all the times I tried to tell myself
to hold onto these moments as they pass...

back to n'awlins on monday and i couldn't be more excited
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[22 Dec 2006|06:44pm]
No offense, Baltimore
but I hope I never have to move back here again
Break is boring and I want to go back to school.
I like seeing my family though.
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NO NO NO NO DRAMA [17 Dec 2006|09:02pm]
[ mood | anxious ]


So. freaking. cute.
my airport shuttle leaves at 5:30am and I'm debating whether or not sleep is actually worth it tonight.
I better see some snow over break.

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[12 Dec 2006|04:58am]
This is for myself, my sister, and anyone else who has ever been on the shit end of petty Catonsville drama:
Living well is the best revenge

I hope you meet someone your height
So you can see eye-to-eye
With someone as small as you

So many people are stuck. They won't change to become better people or mature to make a more meaningful life because they are too lazy or because they are scared. Scared to take responsibility for their actions- scared to grow up. I don't mean to sound incredibly condescending here but I'm done with beating myself up over things that have gone wrong for me. I will be the first to admit I've done some immature and unadmirable things but at least I've grown up.
I'm coming home for break and if you think I'd rather not be caught dead playing beer pong with some high school sophomores or hooking up with some 8th grader, you are sorely mistaken. Someone please shoot me in the face before my life becomes that pathetic.
But enough of this negativity.
I hope it snows when I come home. I mean don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed wearing shorts today, but somehow it doesn't really feel like christmas.
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[06 Dec 2006|04:50pm]
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[13 Nov 2006|05:59pm]
writing papers like crazy untill thanksgiving, then back to b-more. It's been over three months since I've seen my family- as much as i love tulane I'm excited.

This song is actually awesome. don't judge me.
i'm not ready to back downCollapse )
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i spent last night in the arms of a girl from louisiana [11 Nov 2006|08:54pm]

Stones taught me to fly

Love taught me to lie

Life, it taught me to die

so it's not hard to fall

when you float like a cannonball

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take it easy baby, make it last all night [04 Nov 2006|02:40pm]
Well she was an american girl
Raised on promises
She couldnt help thinkin that there
Was a little more to life
Somewhere else
After all it was a great big world
With lots of places to run to
Yeah, and if she had to die trying
she had one little promise
She was gonna keep

silly me.
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[16 Aug 2006|10:47am]
i've got these scars that i'm hiding from times that i should have died
and a drink to remember them all

but it's the ones I've inflicted that keep me addicted
and keep you admitted this fall
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[21 May 2006|03:23pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

1) I'm done high school forever.

2) In two weeks untill August 19th, write to me:

Jane Taylor, Staff
Deer Valley YMCA Camp
109 Deer Valley Drive
Fort Hill, PA 15540

If you don't, we're not friends.

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dr. seuss [10 May 2006|06:45pm]
[ mood | calm ]

"Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."

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[07 May 2006|01:49pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

All I have to say is that I saw Say Anything last night and it was pretty much the best thing ever.

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Thank God I Don't Think Out Loud [02 May 2006|11:46am]
[ mood | happy ]

feelings choke me
don't let me leave without a word
never give in
I've been letting my mind win the war with my heart
You are timeless
I am a fool in love with time

Hot Damn Say Anything is the sh¡t
four days untill the concert

and in like an hour im taking my statistics exam
meaning i'm done with high school math forever

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[15 Apr 2006|07:43pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

Well the clock's heart it hangs inside its open chest with its hands
stretched towards the calendar hanging itself but I will not weep for those dying days.
For all the ones who have left there are a few that stayed.
And they found me here and pulled me from the grass where I was laid.

So I'm spending the summer in western Pennsylvania
then I'm going to Tulane University.
I have two months to make the most of everything. shit.@#*($$#

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[02 Apr 2006|08:01pm]
[ mood | distressed ]

"I cannot wait for you to leave"

It's no wonder I have no second thoughts about going to college 19 hours away.

I’m starting to notice all of these tails on people I know
And they weren’t there over an hour ago
My ears are ringing with the sound of squeaking
And I swear I may be the very last man on earth
I smell a rat
I smell a slew of them
Skittering around the ceiling and the ground
And its not myself
So it must be everybody else
I smell a rat
Board the doors, I’m staying in tonight
Won’t give in, give up, without a fight
Pick up an axe
Its time to fight for my life

I’ve got no one to come home to

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[28 Mar 2006|06:11pm]
sit in an airport terminal and listen to a lack of color.
this weekend i went to tulane university and i loved it.
i like going away because i don't have to deal with anything if i'm not in town.
Every single part of this song describes my mindset right now. read it.

nothing gets crossed outCollapse )
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[22 Mar 2006|10:27pm]

Here i rest, where disappointment and regret collide
lying awake at night

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[21 Mar 2006|08:32pm]
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straylight run and SPILL CANVAS!

Image hosting by Photobucket

if anyone messes up may 6th for me, i will destroy you. fair warning.

i got wait-listed for washington university in st. louis and macalester college.
I don't care because I already decided I either want to go to Pitt or Tulane
but still, my self-esteem effing sucks now.
This is stupid but I hate not being exceptional at ANYTHING.
but anyway
i don't give a crap because I'm going to see say anything =)
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[13 Mar 2006|09:24pm]
80 degrees? hellll yeeeeeeeeeahhhhhh =)
i realize that lyric posts are relatively lame, but it's a more graceful description of my life right now than I could ever write out myself.

It takes more time than I've ever had,
Drains the life from me,
Makes me want to forget.
As young as I was,
I felt older back then,
More disciplined,
Stronger and certain,
But I was scared to death of eternity,
I was saved by grace,
But destroyed by naivety,
And I lied to myself,
And said it was for the best.

And now faith is replaced with a logic so cold
I've disregarded what I was,
Now that I'm older,
And I know much more than I did back then,
But the more I learn,
The more I can't understand,
And I've become content with this life that I lead,
Where I drink to much and don't believe in much of anything,
And I lie to myself,
And say it's for the best.

We're moving forward,
But holding ourselves back,

And we're waiting on something that will never come

in other news, I still am doorless
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Queen of Catastrophe [05 Mar 2006|07:55pm]
[ mood | confused ]

I'm going to apologize right now for being whiny and vague.

i don't really know what to think
but this song is exactly what is going on
CONSEQUENCE is a bigger word than you think
i'm a coward. I am just counting on running away from all my problems and consquences in three months instead of solving them. I gave up on solving them, but instead of slowly fading away, they are becoming more weighty. I'm digging myself one big ass hole that I just expect to hop out of in three months. It's so far from admirable, i just don't know what else to do

I've come to my senses,
That I've become senseless,
I could give you lessons on how to ruin your friendships,
So I sit and wait and wonder,
Does anyone else feel like me?
Someone so tired of their routines and disappearing self-esteems,

I'll sing along,
Yeah with every emergency,
Just sing along,
I'm the king of catastrophes,
I'm so far gone,
That deep down inside I think it's fine by me,

I'm my own worst enemy

I could be an expert on co-dependency,
I could write the best book on underage tragedy,
I've been spending my time at the local liquor store,
I've been sleeping nightly on my best friends kitchen floor,
So I sit and wait and wonder,
"Does anyone else feel like me?"
I'm so over-dosed on apathy and burnt out on sympathy.

Let the meaning slip away
Lost my faith in another day,
Self deprication seems okay,
I never thought I'd make it anyway

I'm my own worst enemy
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